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RTAB's, Rear trailing arm bearings

RTAB's, Rear trailing arm bearings

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Syncro Design Works' Rear Trailing Arm Bearing, BMW 3 Series, E36 / E46 and Z4

Snycro Design Works' rear trailing arm bearing updates and improves the rear suspension in BMW 3 Series E36 and E46, and Z4, by eliminating binding and deflection through adding precision and longevity.

Syncro Design Works RTAB's utilize an OE developed bearing, designed for long-life while offering full articulation for optimal suspension geometry.

While at home on the street, this bearing is precise enough for track duty. Syncro Design Works' own 410hp shop track/street car still has the original prototype bearing installed in 2009, with no measurable toe deflection.

Why Syncro Design Works' Rear Trailing Arm Bearings?

The trailing arm on the E36/E46/Z4 rear suspension attaches to the chassis just in front of the rear tire.  The arm curves around the wheel, creating a pivot point which maintains toe-in as well as fixing the position of the wheels, front to rear. A stock rubber bushing wears over time, allowing deflection in the joint. The problem is compounded by performance upgrades such as increasing engine horsepower, increased grip of sticky tires and improved braking systems.

By maintaining precise control of the trailing arm, more aggressive alignment settings may be run, resulting in the car handling better without concern of 'rear steer' condition as a result of worn bushings.

Symptoms of worn bushings...

If your car is twitchy when braking, or experiencing a steering effect on acceleration, your RTABs may be at the end of their service life.  Worn trailing arm bushings can create an undesired 'rear-steer'.

What makes Syncro Design Works RTAB’s special?

Syncro Design Works Rear Trailing Arm Bearings offer a range of multi-axial movement, where OEM bushings only pivot on a single axis, similar to a gate hinge in motion.

OEM bushings, even when new, allow more deflection than preferred for optimal performance and have a limited service life.

Syncro Design Works rear trailing arm bearings are lubricated and sealed for maintenance free operation, which makes them the last RTAB that vehicle will ever need.

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